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Azerbaijan shares land borders with Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey and Iran, which forms a total of 2,648 kms. Of that Armenia shares 1007 kms, Iran 756 kms, Georgia 480 kms, Russia 390 and Turkey 15 kms. The boundary which Azerbaijan shares with the Caspian Sea extends to a total of about 456 kms. The country measures 400 kms from north to south and 500 kms from east to west. 40% of the country is covered by mountain ranges, of which the three major ones are the Greater and Lesser Caucasus and the Talysh. The highest mountain is Bazardüzü Dağı which lies in the Greater Caucasus range. More than half of the mud volcanoes in the world are located in Azerbaijan.

There are nearly 8,350 rivers in the country of which only 24 are long enough to be counted. All the rivers ultimately meet the Caspian sea. The longest river is Kur measuring 1,515 kms in length, but it flows from Turkey through Georgia into Azerbaijan where it meets the Aras river before flowing into the Caspian sea. The Azerbaijan total territory also consists of four islands in the Caspian Sea, which form an area of 30 sq. Kms.

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